File Buddy 11 - Alpha 5

Yes, I know I skipped 4

Download What’s new in alpha-5 Find Window The major feature of alpha-5 is the Find Window. It’s still early in the process, but it supports: Searching based on… File name using contains, is, starts with, or ends with Case-sensitive file searching File Extension is or is not Invisible Include files in packages Limit results to first, first ten, twenty, 100, etc matches Open results in a new List Window or the Info Window What’s missing? [Read More]

File Buddy 11 - Find Window Updates

Sorry it’s been so long since I published an update for you guys. Everytime I think about doing one, I want to have something cool or good to tell you about the progress things are making. Since things have slowed down a bit, I kept putting it off, but I decided I can’t just stay radio silent forever. TL;DR Since this update is a little dense, I decided to provide a summary for those who don’t want to get into it. [Read More]

Quick Shout Out

Just wanted to give a quick shout out to Oskar. He completed the German localization of the UI so far and sent it to me. I’m really grateful and wanted to let anyone who is interested know that I updated the alpha-3 with the complete German localization. I also managed to add a couple more entries to the QuickView™ menu, but I really wanted to get the German localization out to your guys ASAP. [Read More]

File Buddy 11 - Alpha 3

Now with basic List Window support

Hey there everyone. It’s been a couple of weeks since I change my work schedule to accommodate working on File Buddy more and it seems to be paying off. If you’d like to download alpha3, here’s the link What’s new in alpha-3 List Window The biggest addition is the List Window. It’s not completely done, but it does support: adding files adding folder contents removing open selection in File Buddy Info window reveal in Finder show Finder info move selection copy selection drag-and-drop to add files send selection to trash QuickView™ support for volumes, the home directory, and standard folders open List window from Info window I wanted to release this update last week, but I found some errors when I tested it on Mojave that meant I had to put it off a week. [Read More]

File Buddy 11 - New Year, New Plan

Happy New Year to everyone. Hope you all had a great holiday with lots of good food and experiences. Looking back at 2018 2018 started off pretty good and I felt like I was making a lot of good progress on File Buddy. That lasted until the beginning of May when my youngest son was born. After that, I struggled to find time to make progress on anything that wasn’t related to my full-time job. [Read More]

File Buddy 11 - July Update

Alright, so this one is a pretty quick update - not much to say. My apologies to everyone who is waiting for the next update, it’s been delayed. I was hoping to put out an update with the list window and maybe even a little find window support around the middle of May. The timing was important because my wife was pregnant and due in the middle of May. As I’m sure some of you have guessed now, it happened earlier than expected. [Read More]

File Buddy 11 - April Update

Well, this update took longer to get out than I originally hoped, but here it is: File Buddy 11 Alpha-2. I kept pushing it back another few days because there was always one more thing I could fix before putting it out for you guys to try out. I finally just had to draw a line somewhere or it would have been another month or two. What’s new in Alpha-2 Support for older versions of macOS As I mentioned last time, it only supported 10. [Read More]

File Buddy 11 - February Update

It’s been about a month since I released the new website and my first alpha build of File Buddy 11. I know it was extremely limited on features, but more will come. The update today is mostly to provide some explanation about why the next alpha release is taking longer than I expected. Logs and Crash Reports Not long after I released the alpha build, one of you sent me a crash report. [Read More]

A New Beginning

It's been a long time coming

It’s been a while since the last real updates for Skytag Software, but we are working on improving things and today is the first big step. We have a couple of big announcements (one of which you may have already noticed) and we look forward to future announcements in the coming months. For more on how we got here, please visit out About page. A New Website Our website has undergone a massive change. [Read More]