File Buddy 11 - July Update

Alright, so this one is a pretty quick update - not much to say. My apologies to everyone who is waiting for the next update, it’s been delayed. I was hoping to put out an update with the list window and maybe even a little find window support around the middle of May. The timing was important because my wife was pregnant and due in the middle of May. As I’m sure some of you have guessed now, it happened earlier than expected. My youngest was born at the very beginning of May through an emergency C-section, which needless to say caused a lot of stress and meant that I was unable to do any extra cirricular development for the last couple months. I’m happy to say that my wife and son are both doing great and things are calming down on the home front. I’m getting back to the development of File Buddy this week, and I’m aiming for the next alpha to be ready in early August.

Thanks for your patience everyone and the support I’ve gotten from you guys. It’s great to hear how much you guys like File Buddy and how many people are looking forward to the next version.

– David