File Buddy 11 - Alpha 3

Now with basic List Window support

Hey there everyone. It’s been a couple of weeks since I change my work schedule to accommodate working on File Buddy more and it seems to be paying off. If you’d like to download alpha3, here’s the link

What’s new in alpha-3

List Window

The biggest addition is the List Window. It’s not completely done, but it does support:

  • adding files
  • adding folder contents
  • removing
  • open selection in File Buddy Info window
  • reveal in Finder
  • show Finder info
  • move selection
  • copy selection
  • drag-and-drop to add files
  • send selection to trash
  • QuickView™ support for volumes, the home directory, and standard folders
  • open List window from Info window

I wanted to release this update last week, but I found some errors when I tested it on Mojave that meant I had to put it off a week.

Localizations - German

I had a request to include German as a supported localization, so I got started on it. It’s nowhere near finished and I don’t have a German translator I partner with like I do for French, so please be patient. The Info window is mostly translated, as is the main menu, but the List window is not. I’m trying to find a way to do the localization such that I’m not repeating the translation over and over again in every window and view. There are a lot of common/repeated words and phrases and I’d like to have it be in a single place to make it easier to manage. I’ll continue working on the translation even as I’m trying to figure that out, so the completeness should improve as we go. If you speak German and you notice any issues with the translations, shoot me an email with a correction at


A user gave me a complete German localization for the whole alpha. I pushed a new build of alpha-3 up with the translations added.

Localizations - General

My goal is to get most (if not all) the languages File Buddy 9 supported back in the mix, including German, Japanese, and Italian. Japanese will probably be the most difficult since I can’t read it at all to know if what I’m seeing is even close. I’m hoping to find someone who is fluent to work with so I can have more confidence in it, but for now I’ll do what I can. I haven’t started with Japanese yet, but I’m aiming to have some Japanese localization in the next release.

macOS Supported Versions

In alphas 1 and 2, some of the libraries I used ended up requiring the minimum version to be 10.10. I’ve had several users request support for 10.9 - which is the minimum version for Swift. This release I removed those libraries from my dependencies so this release supports 10.9 through 10.14 (Mojave). I don’t have a working 10.9 installation yet, so I can’t test it there. If you have any crashes, please submit a crash report (the app should prompt you). If you have weird issues, please submit a bug report via email: Please include what you were doing and the log files from the day in question. The log files are found in ~/Application Support/com.SkytagSoftware.File-Buddy-11/logs. You should be able to just zip up that folder and send it to me.

What’s next

For alpha 4, I’m planning to add more features to the List window. There are a few more additions to the QuickView™, group info, and context (right-click) menus. I’m also planning to start on the Find window. I expect I’ll get an initial version of the Find functionality without full support for all the different search parameters and add those over the future alphas. Timeline is hopefully sometime in February, and I’ll probably just release whatever I have in February rather than go dark for months while I try to finish a specific feature.

Thanks to everyone for the support and encouragement you keep sending my way.s

– David