File Buddy 11 - New Year, New Plan

Happy New Year to everyone. Hope you all had a great holiday with lots of good food and experiences.

Looking back at 2018

2018 started off pretty good and I felt like I was making a lot of good progress on File Buddy. That lasted until the beginning of May when my youngest son was born. After that, I struggled to find time to make progress on anything that wasn’t related to my full-time job. Just not enough hours in the day. This state of affairs lasted for hte rest of the year unforunately.

As December rolled around and I looked back at the preceding months, I decided I had to change how I was doing things, and not just with File Buddy. There are home improvement projects I’m falling behind on, I’m not able to spend as much time with my kids, and File Buddy is languishing at the back of my mind.

New Plan

So here’s the new plan. I restructured my schedule at my full-time job to work a 4-day week, Monday through Thursday, 10 hours a day. This means I have Fridays free to dedicate to other pursuits, with an emphasis on File Buddy development. I’m hoping that after a few months, as I catch up on other responsibilities, I will be able to use some of the rest of my weekends to make progress faster.

Thanks for the support, congratulations, and well-wishes I’ve received from you guys in regards to my new son, and thanks as well for the support and understanding. Here’s to a new year that will hopefully see great progress on File Buddy.

Development Update

I’m still working on the list view and searching. There are several aspects of the existing functionality that is very difficult or flat out not possible in new libraries and frameworks, so I am spending more time than I would like finding or figuring out workarounds. In the interst of getting builds out for use, I will probably start punting those features down the road, especially the ones that are visual only.

For localization, French is already underway, thanks to my partner over at MacVF. I’ve had users contact me about other languages, specifically Japanese and German. I don’t have partners for those languages, so I’ll be using a combination of static resources and Google translate to enable those. If you are fluent in either of those languages and would like to help by correcting bad translations or partnering to be a dedicated translator, shoot me an email.

– David