File Buddy 11 - Alpha 5

Yes, I know I skipped 4


What’s new in alpha-5

Find Window

The major feature of alpha-5 is the Find Window. It’s still early in the process, but it supports:

  • Searching based on…
    • File name using contains, is, starts with, or ends with
    • Case-sensitive file searching
    • File Extension is or is not
    • Invisible
    • Include files in packages
  • Limit results to first, first ten, twenty, 100, etc matches
  • Open results in a new List Window or the Info Window

What’s missing?

Obviously, there are several criteria missing from the File Buddy 10 capabilities. They will be coming, it just takes time. You’ll also notice that there are some UI elements missing - specifically the toolbar. Cocoa doesn’t have a multi-select toolbar like the one in File Buddy 10. I haven’t for sure found if my dad built his own toolbar implementation or if the Cocoa toolbar has just lost that functionality. For now, the checkboxes are all we’ve got - no hiding options yet.


Nothing new to report on this front. I haven’t made much progress on any localizations bcause I’ve been focused on updating to Swift 5 and clearing out old libraries. I did make some progres with Japanese, but nothing major. I need to get a copy of thise build over to Phillipe to get the French localization updated with the new UI pieces, and I need to apply the same updates to the German localization I’ve got.

What’s next

I’m going to continue working on search features, adding all the different criteria options.

Thanks to everyone for the support and encouragement you keep sending my way.

– David