File Buddy 11 - September 2021 Update

Trying to provide more updated

Hey everyone, I’m working on being more transparent, even when I don’t have anything new for users to download. There are 2 main things I wanted to let people know about. First, I’m not going to have an update ready as soon as I was hoping. I got back into things and found that, for reasons that no one on the internet can identify, Apple’s XCode IDE and command line tools now refuse to sign my builds of File Buddy 11 Alpha. [Read More]

Website Issues

What happened to the website this past week? I’m sure most of you aren’t actually interested in the technical details of what happened, so I’ll do a small overview and do a larger technical description down below. On Monday, I started doing some maintenance on my website server and the result was that the website went down Monday morning. There wasn’t a quick fix I could do, and I ended up having to rebuild the infrastructure for serving my website in a completely different way. [Read More]

File Buddy 11 Mailing List

I am testing out a mailing list service to provide email updates for interested users. Please sign up if you’d like to know immediately when a new alpha release is available. This is not a marketing list and I will never be sending any emails but updates and announcements related to File Buddy 11 alpha.


If the mailing list goes well for this update, I may add future mailing lists around topics like “Tips and Tricks”.

If you don’t want to sign up for email alerts, you can also follow @SkytagSoftare on Twitter.

File Buddy 11 - Alpha 10

Year in Review and Next Alpha

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! It’s been a big year with a lot of prgress, but there is still plenty ahead of us. Download Alpha 10 Looking Back at 2019 Well, it’s been a full year of working my regular job in a 4-10 schedule so I could have Fridays to work on File Buddy. While real life intervened now and then during the year (moving, getting promoted, etc), things progressed better than they did in the past. [Read More]

File Buddy 11 - Alpha 9

Happy Halloween!

Download What’s New Alpha-9 adds a user-requested feature: startup action. Along with that, Alpha-9 adds support for launching File Buddy by dropping a file (or multiple files) on the app icon. Bug Fixes QuickView submenu in List menu wouldn’t open or populate. Now it does. Cocoa Framework sometimes passes nil values to things that don’t allow nil. Now File Buddy accommodates the frameworks inconsistencies more gracefully. Disabled List menu item “Open List…” because it hasn’t been implemented yet. [Read More]

File Buddy 11 - Where I've Been

Hey everyone, It’s been a couple months since I’ve posted any updates and I apologize for that. I try to keep you apprised of what’s going on with the project, but sometimes life gets in the way. I’ve meant to post an update multiple times since the last one, but it was never an option when I thought of it and when it was an option, I didn’t think of it. [Read More]