File Buddy 11 - Alpha 7

Rename Action in List Windows


What’s new in alpha-7

The big feature of alpha-7 is the Rename action. It is available on both Info and List windows and supports replacement of strings and characters, deleting of strings and characters, and regular expressions. There is a disabled checkbox for Check names because that part hasn’t been implemented.

Rename Dialog

A small update on the Find window adds support for Add to front list.

What’s next

I’m continuing to work on renaming stuff, since there is still sequential and date-based renaming options. Now that I have the pattern-based renaming, the others should be easier since I’m hoping there will be a fair bit of shared code. Also, based on some user feedback, the app preferences are going to get some attention.

On a non-feature/code front, I’m working on a few things that I hope will provide a lot of value for the community. First is adding comments to these blog posts so you guys can leave feedback and I can do things like polls to help define the short-term direction of my efforts. Second, I’m setting up a forum for File Buddy. My hope is that users can help each other with problems, especially around older versions of File Buddy where my experience is lacking. Last, I want to get a maililng list setup so you can subscribe for updates on File Buddy. That should make it easier to get the word out when a new version has been published, instead of requiring everyone to check back regularly.

– David