File Buddy 11 - Where I've Been

Hey everyone,

It’s been a couple months since I’ve posted any updates and I apologize for that. I try to keep you apprised of what’s going on with the project, but sometimes life gets in the way. I’ve meant to post an update multiple times since the last one, but it was never an option when I thought of it and when it was an option, I didn’t think of it.

The update is probably not what anyone wants to hear: I haven’t made much progress since the last alpha release. There are 2 main reasons for this, one professional and one personal.

First, on the professional front, the tech lead for my project at work gave his notice and went to another company. As a result, I was promoted to take his place. This means I have had to spend more time than usual on my full-time job, which means less time for side projects. Things are calming down at work, so that shouldn’t be a problem going forward.

Second, I bought a new house and moved. There were a lot of complications and delays on the purchase, and dealing with the process took up a lot of time for all of August and part of September. Since we only moved about 15 minutes away, we were able to avoid the “pack everything in a truck and then unpack it in the same day” pain. Instead, we spent about 2 weeks moving things 1 car/truck load at a time. The result was a period of time where I was spending basically all of my free time after work and on weekends packing and unpacking. While the process of unpacking and getting situated in a new house takes time, the part where I have to give it my full attention is behind me, so I can start looking back to File Buddy.

My apologies to those who contacted me over the last couple months and didn’t get a response in my normal timely manner. Things should be better going forward. I’ll be looking over crash and bug reports and starting on fixes and features this weekend.

Thanks for the support and patience, it’s very much appreciated.

– David