File Buddy 11 - Alpha 9

Happy Halloween!


What’s New

Alpha-9 adds a user-requested feature: startup action. Along with that, Alpha-9 adds support for launching File Buddy by dropping a file (or multiple files) on the app icon.

Bug Fixes

  • QuickView submenu in List menu wouldn’t open or populate. Now it does.
  • Cocoa Framework sometimes passes nil values to things that don’t allow nil. Now File Buddy accommodates the frameworks inconsistencies more gracefully.
  • Disabled List menu item “Open List…” because it hasn’t been implemented yet.

Startup Action

  • Supports “Do nothing”, Find Window, and New List Window
  • Defaults to “Do nothing”

Preferences Dialog

Launch via Dropped Files

  • Supports single or multiple files
  • Actions available:
    • Info Window
    • List Window
    • Rename Window

Preferences Dialog


The languages I’m actively working to support at this time are English, French, German, Italian, and Japanese. I need to plan things better so I can get the app over to my translator for French, Phillipe, before it’s time to publish the new alpha. Alpha-10 should have an up to date translation for French.

For Italian, another generous user has offered to help with the translation. I’m hoping that Alpha-10 will have a solid Italian localization as well.

As mentioned previously, a generous user provided me with a localization for German. The new windows, menu items, dialogs, etc that came after that have not been fully translated (some may be).

For Japanese (as well as German and Italian for now), I’m referencing translated words and phrases from earlier versions of File Buddy. This is a tedious process of tracking down the phrase in the English files, then finding it in each of the other projects. I’m nowhere near done, but there are some localized items throughout the app. Phrases that do not appear in the older versions of the app, or for which I can’t find the phrase in the resources I have, will need to be translated. For Japanese, since I no longer have a translator (Chris Li, if you happen to read this and are interested in doing tranlsation again, let me know), I will probably resort to Google Translate. If you are a Japanese user and see something that has been translated incorrectly, please email me and I’ll get it fixed as soon as possible.

Known Issues

  • Find results on El Capitan do not match File Buddy 10. This was reported to me, but I haven’t been able to reproduce the issue myself because my El Capitan laptop won’t boot. I’m working on getting it fixed, then I’ll investigate the search results.

What’s Next

I’ll be continuing on the localization efforts, as well addressing crash reports. Thanks to everyone that is sending them in, I appreciate that you are willing to help me through this process. The Find window is still the main feature I’m targeting at the moment. More searh criteria, better search results, searching in existing list windows, saving search history, and adding preferences for the Find Window are all on my list of TODOs.

Thanks again for the support and patience you guys have sent my way. I’m aiming to have the next alpha released sometime late next month. Happy Holidays!

– David