A New Beginning

It's been a long time coming

It’s been a while since the last real updates for Skytag Software, but we are working on improving things and today is the first big step. We have a couple of big announcements (one of which you may have already noticed) and we look forward to future announcements in the coming months. For more on how we got here, please visit out About page.

A New Website

Our website has undergone a massive change. It took a lot longer than I hoped to get this far, but I’m glad it’s going live. This new format should allow me to keep it more up to date and add things down the road. It’s just the first step, but it’s a big one that should enable good things moving forward. If you notice anything out of place, missing, etc. or would like to provide feedback, feel free to let me know at website@skytag.com.

File Buddy 11

We are actively working on building the next major release of File Buddy. It’s a huge project and it will be a long road, but I felt it was important to make sure people know that File Buddy isn’t dead. The new version is targeting macOS High Sierra and above, though I’m hopeful it will support back to 10.9.

This first release is just an “alpha” - meaning it doesn’t have many features in it and may be slightly unstable. For more information on how these early releases will work, check here.



File Info Window

This version focused on the File Info window, and exploring Apple’s new (and often poorly documented) Swift libraries that have replaced the old C ones. Most of the fields in the Info Window should work, although comments attached by earlier versions of File Buddy won’t be available. It’s also read-only. Updating file info and the toolbar should be available in the next release.

Finder Info

Open Finder’s Info Window for any file.

Log Files

Previous versions of File Buddy were difficult to maintain because of a lack of application logs. This meant that bugs or crashes were extremely difficult to understand or reproduce. Having useful logs will be extremely helpful in tracking down bugs, especially during these early access releases.