File Buddy 11

Release Date TBD

What’s Planned

File Buddy 11 is a ground up re-write of the system. Version 10 is 32-bit, uses Carbon and is written entirely in C. Version 11 will be 64-bit, written in Swift using Cocoa. Initially, the feature list will be the same as version 10 (as much as possible) with only minor improvements. Instead, the version 11 release will be about modernizing and improving the insides of File Buddy.

If you have feature requests or suggestions, please email

Planned Improvements

  • Upgrade simple color labels to full tag support

Possible Updates

  • Store File Buddy registration info in iCloud so it’s always available - even on fresh installs.
  • Store preferences in iCloud as well.


Because it’s a ground up re-write, this release will be a multiple stage process. First, there will be a series of “alpha” releases. These will be early versions that will have limited features and may be unstable. Those will be followed by “beta” builds, which are more stable and feature complete, but aren’t considered polished enough for a full release. This process should help identify bugs and usability problems before the general release. Each release will be available here, with a project update in the blog section.

Reporting Issues in Alpha/Beta Releases

Anyone who wants to participate in the alpha and beta process is welcome. If bugs are found, please email In the email, it’s most helpful if the following is included:

  • What you expected to happen
  • What actually happened
  • Exactly which version/release it happened on
  • The version of macOS
  • The file system (this will be APFS if you are on High Sierra)
  • Error and Debug Logs (logs are located in ~/Library/Application\ Support/com.SkytagSoftware.File-Buddy-11/logs/ and are named by the day of the log)


Right now, there is no expected release date for File Buddy 11.

Change Log and Downloads

Download Latest Pre-Release

Alpha 3 - 2019 January 21



  • List Window
  • German Localization (partial)
  • French Localization (partial)
  • Multi-file support for Info Window


  • Support for macOS 10.9 and higher

Alpha 2 - 2018 April 06



  • Info Window (read/write)


  • Crash Reporting
  • Logging
  • Support for macOS 10.10 and higher

Alpha 1 - 2018 January 22


  • Info Window (read-only)
  • Finder Info