File Buddy 10


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File Buddy 10 supports macOS 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard) through 10.12 (Sierra).

High Sierra Issues

While File Buddy 10 does run on 10.13 (High Sierra), there are known performance issues that cause searches to be extremely slow. This is a result of High Sierra’s poor support for 32-bit applications.

Thanks to Jeff who provided this workaround:

Since it’s working so slow, I don’t do any more whole-disk searches. I restrain to a single folder (or a small group of folders). Easy to do; just toss the folder into the Find window, it’ll auto-populate and self-select, and you can set up a bunch of oft-searched folders which will always appear at launch.


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File Buddy is best thought of as a collection of tools for managing the vast number of files and folders found on your hard drive. A complete list of what File Buddy can do is too extensive to list in its entirety, but the following lists many of the things you can do with it quickly and easily.


  • View and edit a wide range of file and folder information in the info window. Create droplets to automate common changes.
  • See how many files and folders are in a folder or on entire volumes.
  • Use file Viewers to view the contents of large numbers of files quickly and easily.
  • Easily modify the file and folder attributes of one item or a thousand.


  • Find duplicate files and duplicate folders.
  • Free up hundreds of megabytes of disk space by eliminating language resources for languages you don’t use.
  • Find empty files and folders, orphaned files, duplicate files, broken aliases, and unused preference files.
  • Erase files, entire folders, and unused disk space to avoid unauthorized recovery of deleted files.
  • Delete data and resource forks from files. Delete custom icons and custom folder icon files.
  • Clean folders of .DS_Store files and other items by name.
  • Rebuild Mac OS X’s Launch Services database.

General File Management

  • Rename files based on patterns, sequences and dates. Create droplets to automate any renaming process.
  • Find files and folders using an extensive set of search criteria including owner, group, and names matching regular expressions. Conveniently perform a wide variety of actions on the results of searches.
  • Use File Buddy’s administrator mode to work with files and folders to which you would not normally have access.
  • Create custom icons using pictures in the Clipboard, the contents of graphics files and PDF files, .icns files, and existing Finder icons. View complete icon families with the icon family viewer. Export icons to .icns files.
  • Create aliases and symbolic links. Find and repair broken aliases.
  • Find, copy, move, and delete invisible files.
  • Quickly view listings of common folders.
  • Move, delete, and copy files. Copy invisible files. Copy with options not available in the Finder.
  • Create snapshots to track changes to a folder or disk, such as files installed by an installer. Use the results of snapshot comparisons to uninstall applications.

Easy to use

  • Create droplets to automate many common tasks.
  • Use contextual menus within File Buddy to accomplish many tasks in a single step.
  • Use File Buddy’s configurable contextual menu plug-in to simplify performing actions on selections in the Finder.
  • Save window configurations to eliminate the need to manually configure windows for operations you perform on a regular basis.


Unfortunately, File Buddy 10 is only available in English and French. The French translation is done by Phillipe Bonnaure over at MacVF. He’s partnered with us for many years and we greatly appreciate his efforts.


First time purchasers can purchase a single English license for $39.95. This is a single user license, but can be used on as many computers as you want, as long as you are the primary user.

Discounts are available for:

  • Users upgrading from the previous version (see next section)
  • Users purchasing multiple license
  • Users qualifying for a personal discount. See details here

Upgrading from File Buddy 9

File Buddy 9 owners can use their version 9 serial number as a discount code to receive 50% off.

To get your discount, use the following instructions:

  1. Go to our File Buddy 10 order page.
  2. Enter the number of copies you wish to upgrade.
  3. To get the upgrade discount, check the box labelled “I have a discount coupon” and enter your File Buddy 9 serial number.
  4. Click the “Refresh” icon next to the discount coupon field to submit your serial number.

The page should load and show your discount. If it does not:

  • Due to a lost database in 2008, the list of qualifying serial numbers only goes back that far. If you purchased File Buddy 9 in 2008 or earlier, you should contact with your serial number and we will get it added to the list.
  • The serial number was not entered correctly. It’s best to copy it from your records and paste it into the field to ensure it’s entered correctly.

If you don’t have and can’t find either your File Buddy 9 serial number, you can contact us at with whatever information you can provide to help us locate your previous purchase. Unfortunately, Kagi has shutdown, so we won’t be able to track your purchase by credit card or other payment methods. However, approximate date, registered name, language (if not English), Kagi transaction ID, and/or email address(es) should help.

Personal Discounts

The personal discount is for individuals whose income is such that it limits their ability to purchase items such as File Buddy, and who do not anticipate being able to increase that income significantly in the foreseeable future. Typical examples would be students, retirees and people with certified disabilities, and so on. We won’t ask you to reveal your age or income to us, as we don’t want to know and we respect your privacy. We’re on operating on the honor system here and trusting you not to take advantage of our desire to be nice. Qualification for the discount is solely at the discretion of Skytag Software, LLC.

The discount is valid for a single license at a price of $25. To receive a code for a personal discount, email explaining enough about your situation for us to understand why you should qualify. Please do not send documentation of your income, disability benefits, and or other personal information. These things are none of our business and we do not want to know that information. Once we receive your request we will make a determination and if we agree, we’ll provide you with instructions for purchasing your copy of File Buddy.

System Requirements

File Buddy 10 requires Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later, and is compatible with Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard – 10.13 High Sierra.


File Buddy is commercial software and may not be made available on other sites for download or distributed by any means without the express permission of SkyTag Software. By downloading File Buddy you acknowledge that you agree to the terms of our download agreement.