File Buddy 7


For those who live in the distant past…

File Buddy 7.6 is still available for individuals using Mac OS 9 or Mac OS X 10.1-10.2.8. We no longer sell File Buddy 7, but we do provide a free license for anyone who would like to use it.

Freeware License



File Buddy 7.6 requires Mac OS 10.1 or later, or Mac OS 9 with CarbonLib 1.5 or later.


The quick start guide and user guide are provided in StuffIt archives.


Feel free to distribute File Buddy 7 anywhere you wish, as long as it is accompanied by the following three items:

  • A link to this web site’s main page (
  • A notice that File Buddy 7 is provided as is, with no warranty or support.
  • The public license information provided above.

Release Notes

v7.6.3 – March 5, 2005


  • Fixed a problem which could cause Find window searches configured to find names with the “starts with/ends with” or “starts with any of” option to return incorrect results.
  • Setting the Find window to a saved search would set folders in the folder list, but would not clear folders. Fixed.

Fix for OS 9

  • Fixed a problem which caused Find window searches configured to find names with the “starts with” option to return incorrect results in Mac OS 9.

v7.6.2 – November 30, 2004

Fixes for OS X

  • When one or more items was dragged from a List window to a folder or window in the Finder, the Finder was ignoring the first item. It’s a bug in the Finder and we’ve found a way to work around it.


  • Searching for folders by size did not work correctly. Fixed.

v7.6.1 – May 20, 2004


  • When attempting to replace a Find set with another of the same name, there was a problem with the message asking if you want to replace the existing set in which it would not appear properly. Fixed.
  • Find window searches for items whose names “don’t start with any” were not working correctly if more than one string was specified when searching a specific folder instead of an entire volume. Fixed.
  • Opening an Info window for a volume in at least some versions of Mac OS X could cause a crash. Fixed.
  • Fixed a problem which could cause a crash. The nature of the problem was such that it could surface in a variety of circumstances, so it’s hard to be more specific than that.

v7.6 – February 26, 2004


  • Removed the separator the contextual menu plug-in was adding so there won’t be two of them when used with Panther.
  • The Accessed date was not being exported by File list windows when saving a list as text. Fixed.
  • Text files created during snapshot comparisons were appending a null character to the end of each file name. Fixed.
  • Fixed a problem which prevented File Buddy from finding new alias targets by path when repairing aliases.
  • Finding duplicates in a List window was not comparing all files in the list if there were files and one or more folders selected. Fixed.
  • File searches using file size as a criteria would return all packages if the Find window preference to treat packages as files was on. Packages are now ignored in all file size searches.

v7.5.9 – November 24, 2003


  • Lists of volumes which could be searched were showing an extra, non-existent volume. Fixed.
  • In Panther, the expanded list of volumes in the Find window (only available if more than four volumes are mounted) was not working correctly. Fixed.
  • In Panther, using the delete key in a sheet dialog attached to the List window would remove items from the list. Fixed.

v7.5.8.1 – August 9, 2003

Issues addressed

  • The delete (backspace) key was not removing items from the List window. Fixed.
  • Snapshot recording could fail on occasion in Mac OS X with an error of -43 (file not found). We’ve changed the code to ignore bad file references, so this should no longer be a problem.
  • We’ve started looking into compatibility with Panther and addressed a couple of issues. We will address more Panther-related issues in a future release.

v7.5.8 – July 26, 2003

Fixes for Mac OS X

  • It came to our attention that programmatically renaming files in Mac OS X will cause any Finder comments to be lost. The release works around the problem by getting the comment and setting it back again when renaming files via the Info window and multiple file renaming options. Note: Droplets configured to rename files will still cause Finder comments to be lost in Mac OS X.
  • File searches configured to ignore items in packages or special folders such as Trash were reporting them anyway. Fixed.


  • Fixed a problem which could cause a crash after certain actions such as using the Copy command to copy List window data.

v7.5.7 – July 5, 2003


  • Fixed a problem in which editing text in text boxes which limit input to numerical digits, such as those in the Rename Sequentially window and the size fields in the Find window, could cause File Buddy to crash.
  • Restored the ability to select volumes in lists of volumes to search with Cmd-1, Cmd-2, and so on. This had stopped working as a side effect of changing how some events are handled and the fact that these commands aren’t on any menu.
  • Several minor changes to improve stability and performance.

v7.5.6a – May 29, 2003


  • v7.5.6a corrects a very odd bug in v7.5.6 in which file searches always reported immediately that no items were found. Odd in that it didn’t manifested itself in any of our debug builds, so we never saw it before release.

v7.5.6 – May 28, 2003

Fixes and Changes

  • Corrects a problem which could cause File Buddy to crash under some circumstances if an error is encountered during a search. In particular, searching a Windows volume connected via SMB no longer causes a crash. Most of the work on v7.5.6 focused on improving performance and making more efficient use of system resources. In addition to several general improvements in these areas, special attention was given to improving performance when dragging files from a List window:
  • Dragging a large number of files out of an List window is faster.
  • Dragging files from one List window into another is significantly faster.
  • When initiating a drag involving a large number of items from a List window, the drag can be canceled while the cursor is spinning with the Escape key or Command-‘.’.

v7.5.5 – May 10, 2003


  • Corrects a problem which could cause File Buddy to crash after completing a search.
  • Fixes a bug which could cause the Rename window to take several seconds to display (which made File Buddy appear as if it had frozen).
  • Searching for possible targets in the Unattached Aliases window now uses a progress sheet window, so it no longer appears as if File Buddy is frozen, searches can be canceled, and in Mac OS X you can do other things in File Buddy while those searches are in progress.
  • The list of volumes is now immediately visible in the alias repair options window. Fixed once before, we think a recent release of Mac OS X broke this again.
  • Improved compatibility with recent releases of Mac OS X (10.2.6 as of this date).

v7.5.4 – May 5, 2003


  • Corrects an issue which prevented droplets from being configured, or working after attempting to configure. Problem was related to the new option to act on files with a particular extension, introduced in v7.5.3.
  • Significantly improves the speed of file searches and the responsiveness of progress windows.
  • Improved stability.

v7.5.3 – April 29, 2003


  • Added Move to Trash to the list of actions in a List window which require confirmation when acting on more than the number of items specified in the Preferences window’s File Lists preferences. Prior to Mac OS X, items in the Trash could be returned to their original locations with the Put Away command. Sadly, this command doesn’t exist in Mac OS X, so you could really hurt yourself if you accidentally move lots of items to the Trash in Mac OS X.
  • Before moving items to the Trash from the List window, File Buddy now verifies that the items are visible.
  • Added a configuration option to droplets to limit the processing of files to those with a given extension.
  • A scan for duplicate or unique files can now be canceled while building the digests used for comparing file contents.
  • Find window searches which scan the contents of files ignore certain kinds of files because they are known to not contain human-readable text. This release recognizes more kinds of these files, which will improved the speed of those searches. Searches can also now be canceled while a file is being scanned.


  • Fixed a problem in some file lists (such as in the Duplicate Files window) which could cause a crash.
  • Find window searches based on resource fork size which were limited to specific folders were not returning correct results. Fixed.
  • Save list files can once again be opened with the Open List command.
  • Under some circumstances saved lists could have invalid entries in them, resulting in an alert when attempting to rebuild the list. Fixed.
  • Minor performance enhancements.

Fixes for Mac OS X

  • The “No matching items were found.” alert now goes away when you click OK.
  • Specifying a folder should not be searched no longer causes the volume on which that folder resides to be searched.

v7.5.2a – April 3, 2003


  • A change in 7.5.2 was causing some instability for some users, most notably after closing a List window in some cases. The change has been removed to eliminate the problem.

v7.5.2 – April 1, 2003


  • This release addresses a number of minor issues reported by users in v7.5.1.
  • Memory use in Mac OS X is slightly reduced for some operations.
  • Some changes in the online help which didn’t make it into v7.5.1 have been included in this release.
  • Some droplet issues have been addressed, mostly cosmetic.

v7.5.1 – March 12, 2003


  • A new Edit as Hex option has been added to the Info window for editing file types and creator signatures. While it’s not anticipated many people will actually want to edit these values in their hexadecimal representations, some people may wish to use it to examine a file type or creator when the value in the corresponding text box has or appears to have fewer than four characters. A help tag has also been added to each text box to display the hexadecimal representation of the current type and creator. Both of these changes are intended to help with the confusion people occasionally experience when they see fewer than four characters in one of both of these text boxes.
  • Information in Brief Info windows can now be copied to the Clipboard using the Copy command.

Fixes for OS X

  • The following windows now fully support Unicode: Info, Find, Rename, and Rename Sequentially. Strictly speaking, this is an enhancement which required numerous code changes, but to anyone who couldn’t use any of these at any point because of the lack of support for Unicode (or in the case of the Rename window, high ASCII), this will be viewed as a fix.
  • Searching specific folders in Mac OS X by creation, modified, or access date was not working. Fixed.


  • This release addresses several issues to improve general reliability. It also optimizes the performance of some file seaches.
  • The Unattached Aliases window was crashing in Mac OS 9, and occasionally in Mac OS X. Fixed.
  • Fixed the code for identifying essentially empty folders to ignore .DS_Store files.
  • Minor changes to the online help.
  • Disk space for folders was being under reported. Fixed.