Contacting SkyTag Software, Inc

The first two places to look for help:

E-mail support
E-mail with questions about site licenses, reseller arrangements, special licenses, purchase orders, invoices, your registration and so on.
E-mail if something isn’t working, you have questions about how to accomplish a specific task, general questions about using the product, and so on.
Send us a to report suspected bugs. Please describe any problems you wish to report as accurately and in as much detail as possible.

All correspondence should be addressed to:
SkyTag Software, Inc.
6 Winterset Drive
Winter Haven, FL 33884

Technical support: (863) 875-0212
If you need payment instructions, please note that complete payment and upgrade information is available on our purchasing and upgrading page.

Note that e-mail is preferable to phone calls because it avoids phone tag, uses your time and ours more efficiently than phone calls, and allows us to give more thought to your problem or question before responding. All e-mails receive a personal response (no auto-replies) in a timely manner.
Since 1993

Last updated June 12, 2012