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Q:  Do you offer educational discounts, competitive upgrades, or other special pricing?
A:  Yes! Read our purchasing information for a description of available discounts for File Buddy.

Q:  Will a future release of File Buddy provide more comprehensive control in setting Mac OS X privileges with the Info window?
A:  Use File Buddy 8's new Administrator mode to grant File Buddy full administrator privileges when using the Info window or any other aspect of File Buddy.

Q:  Will File Buddy optimize files, fix corrupted files? Will File Buddy perform file backups or synchronize files?
A:  No. These kinds of functions are already available in well-established commercial products. File Buddy does not try to compete with these products. Not only do the functions they perform warrant a separate product because they provide services which do not overlap File Buddy, they are all excellent products and you are encouraged to support those which serve your needs by purchasing them.
It would require a major effort to reproduce the functionality of any of these products in File Buddy, and in the end it is doubtful the result would be any better than what an existing product already provides. At the same time, features which distinguish File Buddy from the rest of the pack would be neglected due to the time and energy required to add such extensive new features. We feel this would be a mistake. File Buddy doesn't need to do everything. It needs to stay focused on its purpose in life and do that well. So File Buddy will continue to provide the kind of features it has been known for in the past, only more and better.

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