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What is a “personal discount” and who qualifies for it?
The personal discount was instituted to help individuals whose income is such that it limits their ability to purchase items such as File Buddy, and who do not anticipate being able to increase that income significantly in the foreseeable future. Typical examples would be retirees and people with certifed disabilities, although common sense comes into play in determining if someone is qualified. For example, if you were a vice president at a large corporation and took an early retirement, so now you're 50 and your retirement income is $300,000/year, the personal discount isn't intended for you even though technically you're retired. We won't ask you to reveal your age or income to us, as we don't want to know and we respect your privacy. We're on operating on the honor system here and trusting you not to take advantage of our desire to be nice guys. Qualification for the discount is solely at the discretion of SkyTag Software, Inc.

How much is File Buddy after the discount?
24 €, a savings of 12 € off the normal retail price of 36 €.

How many copies can I buy at that price?

How do I purchase a copy with the discount?
If you feel you qualify or may qualify for the discount, and explain enough about your situation for us to understand why you'd qualify. Once we receive your request we will make a determination and if we agree, we'll provide you with a personal discount code and a link to a web page where you can use that code to order your copy of File Buddy. It's that easy!

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