File Buddy 8 Release History

v8.1.13 – December 7, 2008

Two of the commands in the Info window’s Copy to Clipboard toolbar item menu were not producing the desired result. Fixed.
Serial numbers no longer expire.

v8.1.12 – March 27, 2006

Under some circumstances the results of a duplicate file search would not appear. Fixed.
Attempting to erase a folder in some cases could put File Buddy in a loop in which the progress window counts increased but nothing was erased. Fixed.
File Buddy would crash when the Info window was used to removed the .app extension from an application. Fixed.
Fixed a problem when searching for applications with the Find window that would cause incorrect results.

v8.1.11 – February 13, 2006

Some searches based on size could return incorrect results when treating packages as files, or when searching for folders by size. Fixed.
Comments in file lists where not being updated when the list was refreshed. Fixed.
The fix introduced in 8.1.8 to cancel an action when an item is invisible was’t quite complete. Now it’s really fixed.
Corrected a problem in which Rename Sequentially and Rename with Dates would not rename folders.
Corrected an issue in which volume creation dates weren’t being converted propertly to UTC time.
Worked around a bug in the system’s file catalog searching function that was causing searches for locked items to return completely random results.
Addressed an issue in which users without administrative accounts could run File Buddy in administrator mode under some circumstances.
A couple of other other minor issues addressed.

v8.1.10 – December 14, 2005

Renaming initiated by a droplet created to replace characters would not do the replacement. Fixed.
The Info window’s contexual menus were not working in Tiger. This appears to be a bug introduced in Tiger resulting from a change in the way some events are handled, but we’ve made a change to accommodate it.
Made a change in the way some string comparisons being done to produce a result more consistent with what would be expected in certain situations.
A few other other minor issues addressed.

v8.1.9 – September 24, 2005

Calculating folder sizes in a List window would stall if File Buddy encountered an insufficient permissions error when calculating a folder’s size. File Buddy now passes over such folders and continues calculating the sizes of other folders in the list.
When the selection in a List window was changed as a result of using the Find window to search items in the list, the List window was not updating it’s information. Fixed.
In some cases items were not updated in the Finder after being renamed by File Buddy. Fixed.
The escape key had no effect when certain editable text fields were focused. Fixed.
A couple of other minor issues addressed.

v8.1.8 – September 14, 2005

Canceling an action when it was reported that an item is invisible would not actually cancel the action. Fixed.
The Info window now verifies that an item whose name has been edited can be renamed before attempting to apply changes in the window.
A file type or creator would be removed from the relevant menu in the Info window after opening a contextual menu in the Type, Creator, or Kind columns of the List window. Fixed.
Attempting to save text files could fail in some cases with error -4960 (or silently) if the current text file encoding option in the Preferences window’s Text tab was not set to one of the Unicode options. These situations are now handled by either switching to UTF-8 automatically or providing a useful error message.
Attempting to erase locked files would fail silently. File Buddy now unlocks files before attempting to erase them.
Checking for the latest version would always check for the latest English version. This started in 8.1.3 and is now fixed. File Buddy will now check for the latest release corresponding to the current language.
A couple of other minor issues addressed.

v8.1.7 – August 12, 2005

Fixed a problem that kept file list scrollbars from updating when a large number of items were removed from the list.
Find window: Pasting text into a field in the Find window now turns on the appropriate checkbox.
Find window: Searching an entire volume for symbolic links was not working. Fixed.
Rename window: File Buddy would become unresponsive with the Replace string option if the replacment string contained the string to be replaced and the window was set to replace all occurances anywhere in the string. Fixed.
The column header in a List window would display the results of a search for duplicate files would indicate the list was sorted by name. This was not correct. Such lists are sorted into groups of duplicates and the headers now indicate this.
List window: Fixed a problem that could prevent dragging files to windows in other applications.
Addressed a few other minor issues.

v8.1.6 – June 20, 2005

When saving a file list as a text file, dates and times were GMT, not local. Fixed.
Under some circumstances, file data could be associated with the wrong file name when file lists were saved as text. Fixed.
A few other minor issues were addressed.

v8.1.5 – May 16, 2005

File Buddy 8.1.5 addresses the following issues in Tiger:
Made a change to workaround an issue in Tiger that was causing random crashes.
When attempting to use the delete key in renaming windows displayed as sheets on a List window, under some circumstances the List window would remove items from the list. Fixed.

v8.1.4 – May 9, 2005

Made a change to address a crash when closing an Info window in Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger. As far as we know, this is the only issue we’ve seen when using File Buddy 8 in Tiger.
Corrected some issues when using the Info window to remove extensions from multiple files. Also corrected some issues when creating Droplets to remove extensions.
When the List window was sorted by Size and Show Folder Sizes was on, under some circumstances the list would not be sorted correctly. Fixed.
The Close command was not available for closing the View Icon Family window. Fixed.
Some warning messages when changing file extensions in the Info window were not correct. Fixed.
Fixed a problem that resulted in incorrect results when searching for items which are not applications.
Several minor changes to improve general reliability.

v8.1.3 – March 30, 2005

List issues
Some changes were made to File Buddy’s list code in v8.1.2 to facilitate future enhancements, but a couple issues resulted as side effects. These have been addressed:
A single click in a list of volumes will no longer start start a search in any of the cleaning search windows such as Find Invisible Items and Check Aliases.
Clicks in the scroll bar of some lists (such as those in the Find window) were ignored. Fixed.

Folder selection
There is a bug in the Mac OS X folder selection dialog (present at least through 10.3.8) which causes it allow the selection of multiple folders even when the flag is set to only allow a single selection. This results in what would appear to be a bug in File Buddy. Here’s how we’ve addressed this in 8.1.3:
List window’s Content toolbar item: Clicking this item or choosing Add Contents to List from its menu opens a dialog which allows the selection of one or more folders whose contents should be added to the list. Previously, the contents of only one folder would be added to the list because File Buddy was only expecting you to be able to select one folder. File Buddy now processes all folders selected.
The same problem exists when using the Copy, Move, and Alias toolbar items. In those cases, File Buddy now displays a QuickNote telling you only one folder can be used.

Other issues addressed
Under very rare circumstances, the Find window could open at its expanded size, but with none of the extra options visible. Fixed.
The Info window was not using the type or creator of bundled applications when they were dragged to that part of the window to set type and/or creator. Fixed.
There was a small delay when clicking a list columns button to open the menu of available columns. The menu now opens immediately.
Selected items in a list remained selected after clicking in the Marked column of a List window below the last item in the list. Some people may have experienced other problems as well, though none were ever reported.
File Buddy displays a dialog if you attempt to move an item to a location where an item with the same name already exists. Clicking the Cancel button now really cancels the move instead of renaming and moving the item.
Searching the help in Apple Help Viewer would return a list of matches in which “File Buddy Help” was listed as the topic for every match. The help has been reworked so search matches will now provide a appropriate topic for each match, which should make the help much more useful.
A couple of other minor issues addressed.

v8.1.2 – March 2, 2005

Renaming issues
A number of issues encountered when using renaming features were reported since the release of File Buddy 8.1.1. All known automated file renaming issues have been addressed in this release:
The restriction to rename files or folders is now respected.
Rename window: When specifying uppercase and lowercase versions of the same character for the Replace characters or Delete characters options, only the first would be used. This is now only the case if the “Case sensitive” option is not selected.
Renaming functions will no longer rename invisible files such as .DS_Store files.
When using the rename progress window to verify new names before they are applied, the Rename and Rename All buttons are not available for items which cannot or should not be renamed. These include items of the wrong type, such as folders when renaming files, invisible items, and items which you do not have sufficient access to rename.
Preserving extensions no longer adds an extra period before the extension.
Rename Sequentially and Rename with Dates no longer remove extensions when the “Preserve extensions” option is not selected.
Changed the name of the “Require same case when replacing characters” checkbox to “Use same case when replacing characters” to better reflect its effect.
The Rename window now resizes vertically to accommodate long character replacement descriptions.

Other issues
The “Use same” option in the Info window now allows the selection of bundled applications.
When saving a file list as text, the label column’s name would not be listed with other the headings in the first line of the file. Fixed.
Searches for applications were also returning items which were not applications. It’s not known exactly in which version of File Buddy 8 this problem first appeared, but it’s fixed.
Addressed some minor issues with the help.
Several other minor issues addressed.

v8.1.1 – January 25, 2005

A bug in pattern-renaming droplets would cause File Buddy to crash when attempting to process items. Fixed.
A bug introduced in version 8.1 could cause File Buddy to crash when refreshing a list. Fixed.
Using the Return key to save changes in the Info window could result in an alert asking if you wanted to save changes, even though the changes had already been saved. Fixed.
Under some circumstances, file lists exported as text could contain extra random characters at the end. Fixed.
In List windows, Command-up arrow was not revealing the currently selected item’s parent folder. Fixed.
Fixed a problem which could cause Find window searches configured to find names using the “starts with/ends with” and “starts with any of” options to return incorrect results.
Setting the Find window to a saved search would set folders in the folder list, but would not clear folders. Fixed.
Viewers no longer display PDF files as text when the file type is incorrectly set to ‘TEXT’.
Addressed a few other minor issues.

v8.1 – December 28, 2004

New and Improved
Read the What’s New page for a description of what’s new and improved in File Buddy 8.1.

The Info window feature to adjust modified dates was not working correctly. Fixed. Any droplets created be previous versions versions of File Buddy for adjusting creation or modified dates should be recreated to work correctly with this change.
Under some circumstances the Refresh List and Refresh Selection commands could skip some items in a list. Fixed.
If a folder was opened in a file list and Show Folder Sizes was on, folders in the disclosed folder did not show their sizes. Fixed.
Find window searches for packages were only finding packages with the package bit set. These searches will now find any Mac OS X package.
Fixed some windows so the help button will open the correct page in the help.
The Help command in contextual menus will now take you to the relevant help topic for more items in more windows.
Minor additions to the help where some was missing.
Corrected the tabbing order in some windows.
Corrected other minor issues.

v8.0.6 – December 1, 2004

When one or more items was dragged from a List window to a folder or window in the Finder, the Finder was ignoring the first item. It’s a bug in the Finder and we’ve found a way to work around it.
Fixed a problem which was causing creators to be removed from the Info window’s Creator pop-up menu.
The Erase menu item in the Select Action window’s pop-up menu would open an Info window instead of erasing the dropped items. Fixed.

v8.0.5 – November 12, 2004

Moved the File Buddy Contextual Menu’s Clear Creator and Copy Path to Clipboard commands to the File Buddy submenu.

Searches for folders using the size criteria were returning incorrect results. Fixed.
Finally tracked down and fixed a bug which could cause random crashes after removing a large number of items from a file list.
What appears to be a bug in Mac OS X was causing pop-up buttons in the Find window to appear with different heights. Finally found a workaround to force all of them to be the correct height.
Minor additions and corrections to the help.

v8.0.4 – November 5, 2004

Dragging to individual items in the Find window (folder list, name, creator, and file type) was not working. Fixed.
Creating custom icons now works correctly for volumes.
The progress window for Trim Custom Icons was not updating the progress until the very end. Fixed.
Renaming window progress bar was not advancing. Fixed.
File list updating should now work correctly when renaming or moving items to the Trash.
Fixed a problem when moving items to another volume which prevented some items from being moved.
Minor corrections to the help.

v8.0.3 – October 7, 2004

Fixed a Find window crash which would occur when using fewer lines of text in the name box than the current name searching option expected.
Due to limitations in Mac OS X’s mechanism for locating applications, under certain rare circumstances droplets could not find File Buddy, or in some cases would not use the expected copy of File Buddy (for people who may have multiple copies on their disks). A workaround has been added to address this. It is only available to droplets created with File Buddy 8.0.3 or later.
A couple of other minor tweaks.

Droplets would not process the contents of an entire volume, only folders. This has been changed to allow processing the contents of entire volumes.
A couple of other minor tweaks.

v8.0.2 – September 15, 2004

Improved file list updating when remaing or moving items to the Trash.
Addressed a minor issue which would affect localized versions.
Addressed minor issues.

v8.0.1 – August 26, 2004

Moving multiple items to the Trash would result in only one item actually ending up in the Trash. Fixed.
Fixed a problem in the Find window which could cause the name text box to not be restored correctly when restoring saved name data.
The Hot Keys preferences panel was initially populated with the Info window hot keys instead of the Find window hot keys. Fixed.
The Uninstall command was updated to incorporate some last minute changes to the File Buddy installation.

v8.0 – August 18, 2004

File Buddy 8 released.

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